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Pregnancy Options: 4 Options Available During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Gayle Fidanzo, Executive Director at Choice Adoptions

adoption family with new baby

There are moments in life when we all feel in over our head. Maybe for you that feeling has never been more present than right now while we are navigating a global pandemic. Add an unexpected pregnancy to the mix, and you may be about ready to throw your hands up in surrender. If you are feeling alone, confused and that no one is listening, please reach out. At Choice Adoptions, we believe that your voice matters and that it should be your choice what happens to your baby.

Do you find yourself early in your pregnancy, taking another pregnancy test to make sure that your first result wasn’t a mistake? Do you find yourself looking ahead six or seven months down the road, wondering how you’ll be able to make it? Or maybe your baby is coming sooner rather than later, and the time to make a plan for both of you is running out.

Here are 4 of the options available to you:

You can figure out a way to make it work and raise this child yourself. This is a great option, but maybe it’s just not possible for you right now. We can talk about how this might work for you.

Maybe you've got a super supportive tribe and your mom can watch the baby while you were at work, or your roommate has offered to help, or your boyfriend says he'll work extra so you can afford childcare.

Child Welfare will place your baby in a foster home while you are getting things in order. They will make an effort to choose a family who is loving and attentive, however, there is no guarantee that your baby will stay there. The problem is that foster homes are in short supply and babies can't wait. In order for their bodies and brains to develop they need the safety and stability of a permanent home. And more importantly, they need to stay in contact with you. This is something that may not happen if DHS takes custody. If you complete classes that Child Welfare sets up for you, you may be able to have visits with your child on a regular basis under controlled conditions; and if you keep up with your commitments, your baby may eventually be returned to you.

Adoption isn't what it used to be. First of all, placing your baby for adoption is hard and it takes a ton of courage. But it can be a selfless and unconditional act of love and a real-life option for you if you are not able to parent. Second, you are 100% in control if you choose to make an adoption plan. By choosing adoption, you hand-select a loving and stable adoptive family to raise your child. If you choose adoption, you definitely should consider staying present in your child’s life through ongoing contact with the adoptive family. This option is encouraged and always available for you.

We want you to know that you don’t have to walk this path alone. Choice Adoptions provides birth parent advocates in Washington and Oregon with free confidential support 24/7. They are a confidential ally and mentor to help guide you through the choices ahead. They can connect you with resources like housing, food and prenatal care along the journey. They can help you pay your rent, your phone bill, and other living expenses. You can text or call 503-550-9310 anytime to chat with an advocate.

No matter where you find yourself, our advocates make sure you know your options so you can make the choice that is best for you.

If you connect with us at Choice Adoptions, you’ll never go through this journey alone. No matter what you decide, we want to be your ally.


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