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Choice Adoptions matches families with expectant mothers who have found themselves unexpectedly pregnant.  Choice focuses on expectant parents and places them in control of selecting an adoptive family for their baby.  When the expectant parent(s) select a potential adoptive family, that family is provided with information about the birth parents. The selected family then has the option to agree and move forward with an official match or to decline and wait for another expectant mother selection.  Both the adoptive and expectant families are assigned advocates who will walk alongside them throughout their entire adoption journey and be there as a support.


Choice makes it possible for expectant and adoptive families to meet before delivery to get to know one another and to decide what level of openness they desire in communication after the baby is placed. The adoptive family can be an integral part of the hospital experience and often is invited to the labor and delivery by the expectant mother. Advocates from Choice are present at the hospital to support both the birth and the adoptive families and to ensure a smooth experience for all involved. Choice advocates facilitate all the legal paperwork at the hospital and continue offering support as long as it’s needed post placement. 


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