Choice Adoptions is a domestic child placing agency licensed in Oregon and Washington.

We have several programs available to match children and families.

You can request details by contacting our office by calling:

(503) 232-1211 or sending an email to

Local Infant Adoption

Choice Adoptions matches families with birth mothers who have found themselves unexpectedly pregnant.


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Foster Child Adoption

Choice partners with state child welfare agencies to navigate the process to find safe, permanent, and loving homes.


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National Adoption

Choice Adoptions has partnered with dozens of adoption agencies to place newborns with qualified families.


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Designated Adoption

This program is for adoptive families that are connected with a birth family prior to agency involvement.


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Independent Adoption Home Study Only

The Independent Adoption Program (often called “Home Study Only) is for families who need a home study completed in Oregon or Washington. 

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Heart Gallery

These children are currently in foster families and have been deemed eligible for a permanent placement with an adoptive family.

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