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Meet Gunnar!

Gunnar is an avid fan of all things on four wheels and has the need for speed! When he’s not exploring the outdoors on his bike, catching air over dirt mounds, and feeling the rush of wind in his face, you can find him playing with his collection of Hot Wheels, imagining he’s in the driver’s seat and accelerating over the finish line as he wins a NASCAR race and takes home the gold. His fondness for the outdoors isn’t limited to all things motorized. Gunnar also loves long casual walks with pretty scenery where he can ask questions about the plants he may find; and surprisingly even outdoor chores like helping his foster dad cut the grass and pull weeds. How amazing is that? Ready, set, HIKE! Gunnar enjoys playing sports and his current favorites are soccer and football. This seven year old is a bundle of high energy and will be wanting to kick and catch balls into the late hours of the day, so get ready and put your running shoes on because you’ll be chasing this athlete in training into the end-zone until you are blue in the face!

Much like the ending of a long day sweating it out on the field, it will take some time for Gunnar to settle into his new environment and build a long lasting relationship with his adoptive parents. He will need a patient, understanding, and determined family to help him reach his full potential and add the ever growing chapters of his life. Gunnar still has so much to learn, but with the right guidance, stability, and support he will easily champion your heart and show you how the love of a little boy can carry a family across the finish line and beyond! 


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