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Hi, We're Choice Adoptions!

Here in the PNW, everything is in bloom! We’re reaching for our gardening gloves and allergy meds, and (in spite of the random snow trying to convince us otherwise) spring is here!

I don’t know about you, but spring feels like a huge sigh of relief this year. Maybe we’re just tired of being cold. Or maybe we’re coming out of more than winter. Looking back on the last two years, we can see how much everything has changed and how much has stayed the same.

When we look at Choice Adoptions, who we are, and where we’re going, we are so excited for the future! But we’ve noticed something else around here–so many new faces! So we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Hi, we’re Choice Adoptions, a non-profit adoption and advocacy agency in Portland, OR, and we’re here to support everyone in the adoption process and protect vulnerable children. Wondering what that means? We’d love to tell you!

We support “everyone” involved in the adoption process. And when we say that, we mean it. Everybody.

  • Birth moms who are unsure if they are ready to parent.

  • Birth fathers who are looking for options for their baby and their partner.

  • Friends, co-workers and neighbors who notice someone in their life who’s not ready to parent.

  • Couples who have waited through years of infertility.

  • The adoptive parents who want their new baby to feel safe and at home.

  • The adoptive parents who are still waiting for their little one.

  • And of course the support systems: the moms who are helping their teen daughters find options, the grandparents who are filling nurseries for their someday grandbaby, and so many more!

No two stories are the same. For every birth parent, adoptive parent, and baby this looks a little different. So we are here to listen, to encourage, to fill in the gaps, and help where it is needed!

Birth Parents

  • Empowerment: This is your decision, your choice, and you are in the driver’s seat. Want to create an adoption plan? You will have an advocate who will walk with you every step of the way, helping you design the adoption plan that will be just right for you and your baby.

  • Someone to talk to: Our advocates are available to talk whenever you need it. (In fact, if you have questions or need to talk to someone right now, you can text or call (503) 550-9310.) We know that this is a hard decision and a difficult process, and we know how much it helps to have someone to talk to.

  • Finding a loving family for your baby: We have some incredible adoptive families who are just waiting to give a child a forever home. We’d love to introduce you! (You can get to know them here.)

  • Practical Advocacy: Our advocates are standing by and have helped clients with practical needs like maternity clothes, food, and prenatal vitamins. But they’ve also helped resource clients who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, and other crises.

  • No Cost: Yep! All of our services are free of charge to birth parents.

Adoptive Families

  • Someone to talk to: Let’s be real, no matter who you are in the adoption process, it doesn’t hurt to have someone to talk to. Sometimes the wait can be long, and it can be a bit of a roller coaster. Our adoption advocates are here for you throughout the process!

  • Home studies: Whether you’re adopting through Choice, independently, or for a designated family and child, we can help you get your home study so that you’re adoption-ready!

  • Tips and resources for the adoption process: Want to prepare your household to welcome a new little one, here’s a little reading that might be helpful! Intimidated by the cost of adoption? Here are ways that people are working toward affording adoption!

  • Mediation: Birth parents and adoptive families alike often worry about how adoption will affect the child. The truth is, adoption doesn’t upset the development of kids, but living with a million unanswered questions can. So we equip our adoptive families to answer those questions through our mediation. Whether it’s passing on updates and pictures or arranging meetings, mediation is something we are passionate about!

Support Systems

  • Of Birthparents: If you’re a parent, family member, counselor, advocate, or friend of a birth parent, we are so grateful for you. And we are here to support you and answer your questions! You can email us at or call (503) 550-9310 to ask an advocate whatever questions you might have for your friend or loved one who is expecting.

  • Of adoptive families: If you’re a grandparent, friend, or family member of an adoptive family, we are so excited you’re here! You are going to be part of the village it will take to raise this child, and there is so much to anticipate, embrace, and learn! Sometimes, the best way to support your loved ones who are adopting, is practical (offering childcare, help preparing the home, or giving the new adoptive parents a date night). And sometimes it’s just your presence. We recommend this reading so that you’ll be ready to support your friends and family members when their little one comes home!

Oh, and last but not least, Choice exists to protect vulnerable children. What does that mean?

It means that we want birth parents to feel honored, dignified, and supported as they choose this baby’s forever home.

It means that we want to see babies going to forever homes instead of into foster care.

It means that we want adoptive parents to be prepared to be that forever home.

It means that we work with local clinics, hospitals, and social workers to connect vulnerable children to waiting families.

It means that it takes everyone (yep! everyone) to make sure that vulnerable children know safety, love, and support.

We’re so glad you’re part of “everyone.”


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