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How Do We Support Birth Parents?

How do Birth Mothers get “paid” for adoption in Oregon or Washington?

Short answer: they don’t. Actually, it is illegal for any parent to be “paid” to place his or her child for adoption. A legal adoption means that your adoption agency cares about you, this baby, and this baby’s future family. Adoptions are done safely, with everyone’s best interests in mind. While it is perfectly legal and ethical to receive assistance with pregnancy-related expenses, it is important to remember that adoption for compensation is not legal in Oregon, Washington or anywhere in the United States.

I found an organization who has offered to compensate me for placing my baby for adoption. Can you offer me similar services?

If you are considering adoption, and there is an individual or an organization promising to pay you for placing your baby, they don’t have your best interest in mind.

It is unethical and illegal to receive a gift of, or payment for, anything of permanent value that will exceed the length of your pregnancy and recovery, such as a car or furniture. Anyone who offers you these kinds of incentives is working outside the legal boundaries for adoption in Oregon or Washington. And if this person is willing to be dishonest and unethical in this area, they may be dishonest and unethical with you, as well.

What services does Choice offer to birth parents?

Here at Choice we take care of our birth parents. If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re also facing some unexpected expenses like maternity clothes, extra food, prenatal appointment co-pays, and other pregnancy related expenses. Choice adoptions can help with pregnancy related or living expenses throughout your pregnancy and up to 6-8 weeks post placement after Baby is born! So in addition to the legal, medical, and counseling services we provide at no cost, you can receive help certain living expenses incurred during your pregnancy:

  • Housing and Utilities

We help our birth parents with rent, mortgage, or utility expenses throughout their pregnancy and up to 6-8 weeks postpartum.

  • Food

Our advocates help clients secure food stamps and even order food and other household items to be delivered to your door!

  • Transportation

Need a ride to prenatal appointments? We want to make sure our clients are getting the prenatal care they need. So we arrange rides to check ups and advocacy appointments!

  • Maternity Clothing

We want to make sure our birth moms feel cute and comfy during their pregnancy. Let's get you some clothes that fit and make you feel good!

How do I get financial help during my pregnancy?

Bottom line: we want to help birth parents navigate this difficult time. We do that by offering these services throughout pregnancy and the emotional support and counseling services we offer indefinitely. If you or someone you know is pregnant and in the decision making phase, you can contact an advocate here or call (503) 550-9310 to speak to someone today! We are here to help you, safely and legally, plan a future for you and this baby. We can’t wait to meet you!

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