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Choice talks about Open Adoptions featured on KPTV

We want to thank Haley Rush for reaching out to us, Choice Adoptions, to investigate the status of infant adoptions in Oregon. While birth rates, abortion rates, and adoption rates are all down, the travesty is that the number of children, including infants, who are entering the foster care system continues its steady climb.

Open Adoptions in Oregon and Washington with Choice Adoptions

adoptive family they love and stay in a loving relationship with their baby and the adoptive parents forever.

As a culture, let us not underestimate the destruction that growing up in foster care causes to individuals and to society. Baby Ethan, who you meet in this video, knows both his birthparents and sees them regularly. He knows he is loved by all of his parents, and Katy and Austin know that this is what he needs in order to grow into an amazing human who is going to make a positive impact on the world.

It is completely within our power to break the cycles of homelessness, teen pregnancy, unemployment, and incarceration that growing up can sometimes cause. It’s within our power to keep more children out of foster care, so let’s do it.


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