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Adoption in Entertainment

As part of Choice’s celebration of National Adoption Month, this week we’re discussing books, movies, and shows that discuss adoption. From dramas to comedies, novels, and non-fiction biographies, there are countless stories that discuss adoption and foster care. Some people regard talking about adoption as something taboo, and yet countless characters from film and literature we consume every day are centered around adopted characters! 

Did you know that two of Marvel’s most beloved characters, Iron Man and Spider-Man were both adopted? Watching their friendship and mentorship blossom in the Marvel movies is even more special when you know about this special connection that they share. And don’t forget about Clark Kent (a.k.a. Superman) and the heroes of Star Wars, Luke and Leia, who were adopted too!

From Anne of Green Gables, one of the most read books in history, where the main character, Anne, is adopted to silly kids movies like Despicable Me, where three sisters- Margo, Edith and Agnes- are adopted, it’s easy to see how common adoption is in storytelling. Today, we’re recommending a few recent films on foster care and adoption worth watching:


Shazam! is a 2019 superhero comedy about a young boy named Billy Batson who is navigating life as a child in foster care. Billy suddenly turns into a superhero, taking the audience on a funny, but powerful journey through the mind of a kid in foster care. Whether you are thinking of becoming a foster care family or adopting, we’d definitely recommend giving this movie a watch and reading this article on it!

Instant Family.

Instant Family is a 2018 film about a married couple who begins a journey to fostering three kids. The movie is not a perfect synopsis of what foster care is really like- no book or movie is- but it helps us see a glimpse into a family’s journey. As Christy Krispin writes, “Instant Family captures the magnitude of the challenges of America’s foster care system without being preachy. We learn that more than 500,000 children are in foster care in the United States and that older children and teens, despite making up the largest percentage of children in the system, are harder to place than children under 5.” If you’ve adopted or fostered an older child (or are thinking about it), we’d recommend this film.

Let us know what your favorite adoption/foster care books, movies, and films are in the comments below!


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