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Why do we care so much about women with unexpected pregnancies?

There’s a question we’ve been asked time and time again here at Choice: “Why do you care so much about women with unexpected pregnancies?”

We care because we see you.

We care because we see what our American society has done to women and girls. We see that you’ve been told in so many ways that your life matters less if you are pregnant.

They tell you to parent. They tell you to abort. They tell you that you can get your child back after foster care. They tell you, they tell you, they tell you… but we believe it’s you who should decide.

It’s you who should tell them what you are going to do: whether you decide to parent or terminate or choose an open adoption plan. We’re here to support you no matter what you choose. We want you to know that we don’t judge you; that SHAME is a liar. We want you to know that we can help you so that your back isn’t up against the wall.

But you are wary. We get it.

You might ask us what will happen if you take the pill and the life within you is gone. We can’t imagine all that you’ll feel and experience.

You might tell us you will be better off after your abortion. We don’t judge you. We want that to be true for your sake. But a piece of you may always feel like it’s missing.

You might tell us you want to parent. We celebrate your love for your child, your confidence in yourself.

You might say you’re considering adoption… but it feels too scary. You wrestle with questions like “what if my baby hates me for giving him up?” or “what if the adoptive family runs away and never lets you see your baby?” It feels like there are risks; but are they realistic?

You care deeply about what others will think. But we want to empower you to be your own person, especially in these moments when it matters most. We want you to know your child and to provide the best for them. Your child deserves it, and our society needs all the beautiful contributions they will bring.

Your child might grow up to be a leader, an entrepreneur or a teacher, a positive force for social change and an advocate for others. We want to help you give them that hope for the future, and help you break painful cycles, so they won’t grow up unable to attach or ashamed of their life. We don’t want your child to be bounced around homes in foster care, for their sake or for your sake. We want to help you give them life, so they’re not a child who was to be but is not; a child who never breathed outside of you, who never had a chance.

We want to help you keep your family, expand your family, and rethink what family means. We want you to know that you hold the keys. You don’t have to stop smoking. You don’t have to stop using. You don’t have to stop drinking. You don’t have to stop anything. You are accepted just as you are.

Maybe you’ll grow out of some things- but on your timeline, not ours. But as you work towards taking care of yourself and your baby, we’d ask you to let us walk alongside you. Let us love you and help you. We are on Team You. We will elevate and honor you above all else.

Why do we care? Because you matter. Because your baby matters. Because the earth and everything in it matters. And we need to respond with love and care for each other.

We’re in a unique position to help. Will you let us?

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