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The Inhumanity of Separation

Watching the news can be simply overwhelming. Stories and images of young mothers, children, and families seeking refuge and safety in the United States only to be denied and separated is heartbreaking. The conversation surrounding children being displaced and separated from their families has dominated news cycles and been the conversation of Presidential debates. But there is another heartbreaking reality that gets far less attention; as our Director puts it, “Children are being displaced and mistreated. Yes at the border. And yes right here in our foster care system.”

“Children are being displaced and mistreated. Yes at the border. And yes right here in our foster care system. Let’s help their parents before things break down. Don’t let fear or indifference stop you.” – Gayle Fidanzo — Choice Adoptions (@ChoiceAdoptions) July 1, 2019

At Choice Adoptions, we believe that every child deserves a family that can provide them consistent care and love. Our goal is to support mothers and children to thrive. If you want to parent your baby, but need support, we are here for you and can chat with you now! We provide advocacy and support and will never shame or pressure you.

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Our desire is to do everything possible to help you from never being unwillingly separated from your child and placed into an unjust system. We share again and again that, “our goal is to support and love on expectant parents to ensure they are well informed about their pregnancy and parenting options. We are not here to talk you into doing something you don’t want to do.”

Our support is offered no matter what path you choose. If you decide to parent your child our advocacy and support is still here for you; and if you’re wondering how to find an adoptive family for your baby, we are here to support you along the journey. We have incredible families who have gone through a rigorous process of preparing to adopt, parent and love a child with everything that is in them.

It is our hope that we will no longer see the inhumanity of children being separated from their parents, in any way, shape or form. We want to see families thrive, to find safety, security and stability.


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