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Open Adoption: Life is Always Created at the Right Time

Open adoption can be a beautiful thing. The truth is, it doesn’t always work out that an open adoption relationship will benefit all people involved. When it does, there are so many benefits for the child, the birth mom, and the adoptive family. Either way, the actions of birth moms are heroic, making the choice to give their child a chance to flourish with a family they choose.

Today we get to hear from adoptive parents who are so thankful that history was changed because of the decision of a woman who was unexpectedly pregnant. She had options, and she chose to give her daughter a chance for life with a wonderful family looking to adopt.

Open adoption story unplanned pregnancy life is always created at the right time

“An unplanned pregnancy is never a thing to our God.

Life is always created at the right time.

Planned for a powerful, unmistakable story, that can only be lived once.

And I’ll speak that narrative over my kids every day of their life.

It’s why birth moms are heroes.

Emilie is one of them.

She chose life and love for Ellery, despite her hard circumstances and the pain ahead.

When culture looked her in the eyes and said she had “options”, she didn’t waver.

Emilie saved our daughter’s life.

She changed history.

And I know Ellery will too.

More precious than rubies.

So much more.”

-Kenny and Kimberly

open adoption adoptive family birth mom

One of the benefits of an open adoption is the extended family for the child. Ellery will be loved by so many people. She will be given every chance to change history.

To learn more about open adoption please visit our website as well as reading several articles we have on our blog about open adoption.

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