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Meet Aiden!

An inquisitive heart and adventurous spirit best describes Aiden, who like most young boys enjoys exploring and discovering the unknown. He possesses a strong and insatiable desire to learn how the world operates. More often than not, he can be found kneeling in the grass, inspecting insects and trying to determine all there is to know about them — from what species they are, to what they eat, and even how they live and interact with each other. This scientific mind truly knows no bounds and is looking for a forever family who can not only encourage his curious mind but also join him on his journey to study all things natural and wild in his environment. 

Speaking of natural, when Aiden is not riding his bike, this outdoor adventurer also loves to rock climb and is amazing at it! Talk about a miniature Indiana Jones! Watch out perspective moms and dads, this dauntless nine year old will keep you on your toes with not only fun and interesting facts but also in his quest for new and exciting activities that may take you to the far reaches of woodland forests. 

We have all heard of the adventurer with a heart of gold, and Aiden is no exception. He has a biological brother who he loves and he has maintained a strong relationship with him. It is his hope that his new family will embrace and encourage this important relationship, along with a few other members of his biological family. And if that wasn’t enough to melt your heart, his fondness of animals surely will. As previously mentioned, Aiden is crazy about bugs, but he also likes cats and dogs too, and wouldn’t even mind living in the country with a menagerie of farm animals. From crawly critters, to cuddly creatures, and maybe even a new sibling or two, Aiden is ready for his next big adventure – finding loving, nice and stable parents to call his own.

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