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Happy National Adoption Month

Friends, we love November. Big surprise, right? *sips coffee and looks out at the misty PNW gloom...mmm...*

When you love Oregon and Washington as much as we do, you can't help but get excited when Fall comes around! But it's not just stunning colors or the annual unpacking of favorite socks and hoodies we're excited about. We love November for some pretty amazing reasons.

FIRST, November is National Adoption Month! That's right, a full month of celebrating adoption and how it impacts our community. We'll be sharing some of our favorite adoption stories from 2022 as well as hearing other people share their adoption journeys!

As an agency that serves all people in the adoption process, we want to hear your stories too! How have you been involved in the adoption process? You can comment down below or send your story via email to

November is also home to one of the most wholesome holidays on the calendar--Giving Tuesday, November 29th! This incredible holiday celebrates random acts of generosity throughout the world. People volunteer in their communities, donate to local nonprofits, and in general make the world a better place.

This giving Tuesday, our friends (and adoptive parents!) at ITech painters are matching YOUR donations to Choice Adoptions until giving Tuesday!

By partnering with Choice Adoptions, you can help us serve expectant parents, foster children and families waiting to adopt who need our help more than ever! Your support makes a difference, regardless of the size of the gift. Choice is a 501c3 nonprofit & all donations to Choice are tax deductible.

We are so grateful for the individuals and partners who have come alongside us to serve the vulnerable children of Oregon and Washington. Will you partner with Choice Adoptions to provide women with options and babies with safe, loving adoptions?


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