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Happy Mother's Day

“The day you’re handed another mother’s child is the day your heart breaks and heals at the exact same time.”

As I approach my first Mother’s Day, not a day goes by that I do not realize the sheer magnitude of this incredible gift. Out of all the women in this world that could have been chosen, one incredibly brave woman handpicked me to be her son’s mother! It is on this day I am reminded that God is always working, even when I don’t see it. I realize that in the middle of a pandemic two families will be united forever. And in one phone call I knew, this is IT! All the years of praying, trusting, wondering, waiting, times of doubt and tears were over. A tremendous healing took place as this miracle unfolded and a brand new life was handed to me. But it was in this moment that my heart also broke knowing the weight and heaviness our son’s birth mother experienced as she made this incredibly tough decision. This decision came at a cost to her. I will never take that for granted. She chose me to be the mother of her son. There is nothing more humbling than that.

To the amazing birth mother who made this possible, words fail. “Thank you” will never feel like enough. Your decision in choosing me, choosing us, will never lose its magnitude. You will be honored on this day – and every day- knowing that it took amazing strength and bravery to select us to be his forever parents. I know that you put his needs first and you will always be truly inspiring to me for doing so. I will always know that because of you, I am now called Mom.

-Rana, Adoptive Mothe


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