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From one Father to Another…

If you’re a dad, and you’re anything like me, then you probably remember the exact moment when you first became a father, knowing you’d do anything in the world for your child.

Maybe it was the moment of holding your baby boy or baby girl in the hospital just after birth or the phone call letting you know your adoption was approved; no matter what the moment was, it’s one you’ll never forget.

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Open adoption can look very different for everyone… but we at Choice looove when it looks like a big extended family swimming in trust, support and unconditional love. Here is Maddie with her baby’s adoptive parents after they found out their baby’s gender together ❤️

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Becoming a father or a mother causes you to reflect on your own life in significant ways. The popular show, This Is Us, brilliantly displays Jack Pearson’s journey through fatherhood as both a biological and adoptive father. His son, Randall, eventually grows up and becomes a father himself, a moment that sends him into a reflective mindset on all the things he learned from his own dad.

There is something about becoming a father that reminds of us of our own childhood. On the day I became a father, and again today, I’ve reflected on 3 key things my own dad taught me growing up: To leave the world better than you found it To love and care for my children To be generous and financially responsible Joining the team at Choice Adoptions has shown me a way to live out those values this Father’s Day. By partnering with Choice, we can help keep children out of foster care, and massively reduce the rate of children living without a family.

Let’s leave the world better than we found it. Will you join me and step up to the plate this Father’s Day by supporting Choice’s Advocacy Programs so that every child has the chance to grow up in a safe and stable family?

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Your generosity will forever change the lives of kids just like James and Santiago!

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