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Choice Adoptions: Meet the Team

Around here, we're kind of obsessed with families finding each other. We are so honored to watch these moments unfold right in front of us. more. Look at her sweet face!

Watching women empowered to make decisions for themselves and their children…

Watching couples who’ve been waiting for years meet their baby for the first time…

Watching babies placed in homes where they will know they are loved by adoptive and biological parents…

Friends, we live for those moments. And one of our favorite parts of this blog and our social media is that we get to take you with us to some pretty incredible places.

This summer, we're giving you a peak behind the scenes. We want this to be a place where birth mothers tell their stories, adoptive families share their journeys, and the Choice Team shares their passion and insight on the world of modern adoption! All of that is coming your way this year (get ready for all the feels and happy tears).

What does it actually take to make adoptions happen? We have an incredible team working to make these sweet adoption moments happen and we are going to spend the summer introducing them to you right here on the blog!


“I have seen so much courage and beauty working with birth parents.

If you are experiencing unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone.”

– Hannah Duggan, Birth Parent Advocate

Unexpected pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming. Our advocacy team is here to make sure that our birth moms feel supported throughout the entire process. Every adoption plan is tailor-made to each birth parent and their unique situation. We know that everyone’s story is unique. No matter what kind of an adoption plan you’re looking for, we’re here to support you. If you are experiencing unexpected pregnancy, you can contact an advocate today! Call or text (503) 550-9310 to learn more about open adoptions, last minute placements, and how we can provide support throughout your pregnancy.


“I’ve seen beautiful things in mediation.

I love working in mediation because I get to work with birth mothers.

I get to see what one letter can do…those are the most powerful moments.”

–Lauren LaStrapes, Adoption & Mediation Specialist

Here at Choice, we love Open Adoptions! We believe that one of the greatest gifts you can give a child is their own story. In an open adoption, birth parents get regular updates on how Baby is doing, and some even choose to have visits. All of this is made possible by our incredible mediation team. Mediation wants to help make sure that birth mothers are respected and honored. We want to create a culture that supports birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. Our mediation team helps to create a safe environment that supports everyone involved in the adoption process!

Our Adoption Team

"I love working with adoptive families because I am an adoptive parent myself. I want to walk beside other waiting families as they welcome their baby home." -

--- Julie Webb, Director of Adoptions

And lastly, we have our adoption team. It’s a huge undertaking to welcome a child into your home, so we make sure our adoptive families have all the support they need! This can be the practical support of providing home studies and training. Or it might just be someone to talk to in the long stretches of waiting. Adoption can be a very long process and here at Choice, we want to make sure we are supporting our adoptive families through every step. If you have questions about adopting, contact the adoption team!

In the next few weeks, you’ll meet these teams right here on the blog. These aren’t just teams or titles, they are names and faces, and they have some amazing stories. We can’t wait to meet you digitally, right here on the blog, AND in-person! Because the annual Choice Adoptions Summer Picnic is BACK! September 10th at Willamette Park at 11:00 AM, we’ll be holding our Choice Adoptions picnic, and everyone is invited. Birth parents, adoptive parents, community partners, we can’t wait to see you there!

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