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Where Do You Find Yourself?

Where do you find yourself?

There are moments in life where we feel in over our head. We find ourselves alone, confused and we feel that we’ve lost our own voice. At Choice, we believe that your voice matters and that it should be your choice what happens to your baby. 

Do you find yourself early in your pregnancy, taking another pregnancy test to make sure that your first result wasn’t a mistake? Do you find yourself looking ahead six or seven months down the road, wondering how you’ll be able to make it? We want you to know that you don’t have to walk this path alone. Choice provides advocates at absolutely no cost to you, to be a confidential supporter and mentor to help guide you through the choices ahead. They can connect you with resources like housing, food and parental care along the journey. You can even text or call (503) 550-9310 now to chat with an advocate.

Do you find yourself late in your pregnancy, with life circumstances or a relationship changing quickly? Do you feel like you had a plan for your baby, but now it’s all up in the air? Pregnancy can add real anxiety and we don’t want you to experience that without support. Our advocates are here for you, and can even support you on trips to the doctor or in the delivery room. There’s no pressure, just love and someone to advocate for you and with you.

Do you find yourself with your new baby and a difficult situation in life? Maybe you feel worried about what will happen to your child if you can’t support them financially; we want you to know that you are not alone. If you are considering adoption, there’s a good chance that outdated and false ideas have been thrown your way. Open adoption provides a beautiful chance for your baby to live with the family you choose, and an open door for the kind of relationship with them that you desire. You can connect with our team to ask any questions you might have.

No matter where you find yourself, our advocates make sure you know your options so you can make the choice that is best for you. Here at Choice, you’ll never go through this journey alone!

Jake Nagy Partnership Development Manager

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Finding out you have an unplanned pregnancy can be a source of anxiety. There will be many offering advice or trying to tell you what you should do. You have the power of choice about what happens with your baby. Talk with one of our advocates. Visit our Contact Us Page or you can call/text 503-550-9310.

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