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The Heart Gallery is a National program that partners with professional photographers who generously donate their time and talents to capture the spirit and personality of children awaiting adoption.  These children are currently in foster families throughout the state and have been deemed eligible for a permanent placement with an adoptive family.  Choice Adoptions is one of two agencies on Oregon who facilitates the program for children in the Northwest.  The goal of the online gallery and traveling displays is to encourage families to open their homes and hearts to these deserving children. 


For more information on any of these children, please contact us.


To view more children on the statewide register, you can

click here for Oregon and Washington. 



Meet James! Little James is a caring and affectionate boy with a big charming smile. Active and curious, James is full of life. James enjoys being around other people and is eager to please. James enjoys going to school, engaging in imaginative play, and really loves pumpkins.

James needs parents who are knowledgeable around the needs of children who have experienced trauma and neglect. James has already overcome many unsafe situations, challenges, and setbacks in his short life. James will require patience and flexibility in his environment and his new, permanent family as he continues to grow, develop, and heal.


James is in good overall health. He is an energetic little guy who needs help attending and focusing on tasks. James is still growing in his new teeth.


James is currently enrolled in Head Start. At the beginning of 2020, James changed Head Start programs in order to be in a classroom with a smaller number of students and a higher teacher to student ratio. James’ transition to his new school has been successful and James absolutely loves going to school. Despite the challenges he has faced on his early learning path, James has a team of professionals working with him, including behavior consultants, who believe that if James continues to be in a stable safe environment that he will grow up to have so many successes! His developmental disabilities team is very supportive and see great potential in James.

James has two older half-brother who are grown adults. James doesn’t have contact with these siblings at this time.

James has shown the ability to attach and trust! He can be a little over-trusting at times with strangers and must be closely monitored. James is working hard to practice self-regulation and self-monitoring at times. Transitions are difficult for James when they are sprung on him. When James experiences big feelings, including tantrums, he needs his own personal space where he can go to be by himself, while staying safe. Holding James is not effective. Talking to James or distracting him with a preferred toy can be a better way to help him redirect himself or to feel more calm.

James is very attached to his current caregiver. James likes to hug his foster family, hold their hand, and give them kisses. James has been provided a stable and safe environment by his current foster family. An appropriate permanent family will be patient and flexible. James has experienced trauma which has impacted his growth and development. James will require close monitoring and supervision.

James is of Native American heritage. His birth mother is a member of the Chilkat Indian Village of Klukwan Tribe. It is unclear at this time if James’ mother actively practices her culture or not. James will likely soon be an enrolled member of his birth mother's Tribe. It will be vital for James’ new family to support James so that he doesn’t lose touch with his culture or tribal identity. It is important for the success of James’ permanency that he maintains his cultural connections. While a Tribal family is always the preference for Native children, the Tribe has approved an adoption plan and is absolutely willing to consider non-Native families, provided they can demonstrate their ability to keep him actively connected to his heritage. In addition, James' birth father is proud to be of Greek heritage. James will also need his adoptive family to help him explore this side of his cultural heritage as well when he is ready.

James will need a very thoughtful transition, since he is not developmentally at an age where he can understand what moving to a new and permanent family will mean. He needs a family willing to go to the ends of the earth to support him so he can grow and thrive!


Introducing Logan! Logan is a fantastic boy who loves action heroes, Legos, and comics! He is a high energy kiddo who is constantly in motion, loving to run and play outside. Logan has large brown eyes and a charming grin. He is on the petite side for his age. This boy is a real sweetheart who has a lot of love to give. He likes music and drawing, and really craves one-on-one attention from adults - Logan likes to snuggle almost as much as he likes to eat ice cream! (Which, if you haven't guessed already, is a lot!) Logan has experienced a lot of hardships in his life but continues to have a playful spirit and a loving heart.

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